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Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition (VP-UML SE) is a modeling platform designed to support system architects, developers and UML™ designers to accelerate the analysis and design process for complex enterprise applications through our best-of-the-breed and award-winning visual modeling technology that facilitates UML visualization in the latest UML 2.1 notation in 13 different types of diagrams, as well as ER Diagrams, Requirement Diagrams, CRC Diagrams and Textual Analysis.

Selected Features:

-Support UML 2.x

- Class Diagram

- Use Case Diagram

- Sequence Diagram

- Communication Diagram

- State Machine Diagram

- Activity Diagram

- and more…

-Requirement Modeling

-Database Modeling (Entity Relationship Diagram)


-Generate MS Word, PDF and HTML report

-Export/Import model to XML, MS Excel

-Java, C++, PHP, VB code generation

-Java, C++ code reverse engineering

-Modeling collaboratively with VP Teamwork Server, CVS, SVN and Perforce

-Automatic diagram layout and reroute connector

-Support line jump in Arc, Square, Skip or normal

-Align Connector Caption Base on Connector Orientation

-Import/export XMI file

-Callout and Freehand shape

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